A.A.D.I. ~ Angelic Artwork Design Ignition

  • Art is like life , art is a passion and hobby , a way of passing time and expressing thoughts to the world. Being a special one i.e. a Person with Special Need (PWSN) living with Autism , it was an idea born in the minds of the parents of the PWSN long back to showcase the work done by him through some social network media or community forum enable others to get the information and update as well as to place/get orders in case anyone likes. The creation and birth of A.A.D.I. ( Angelic Artwork Design Ignition ) is an upshot of the culmination of similar thought process which also resembles the name of the main beneficiary.

  • He feels himself fortunate being involved with different NGOs/NPOs to get the training from their workshops conducted during weekend. Some NGOs have given learning opportunity in terracotta artwork, block printing , soap making and many more while in some others have given an opportunity to learn the skill of making ‘Toran’ and other gift items. In another NGO ; he used to attend workshops on daily basis to learn printing on Mug as well as on T-Shirt and many more vocational working skills and learning opportunities.

  • The hand painting work on pillow cover , cotton/canvass bags , cushion cover , table mats , face masks and similar items are recent development , the idea of which came impromptu from his mother, his best teacher and mentor. Presently he is devoting all his leisure time to produce more such items and getting appreciation from society and community at large.

  • The basic objective of the activities which are mainly recreational and therapeutic in nature is to get and dissipate skills on arts/artworks and thereby getting and offering services by way of training/coaching in recreational activities relating to arts and culture for the benefit of Persons with Special Needs(PwSN).

  • Looking forward from viewers appreciations and support enable his endeavor to take it forward and in case of query or placing order anyone is welcome to call +91.9869038636 or +91.7208713808 or sending message through Whats-app(+91.7208713808).

Sample artwork in Bags , Cushion Covers , Face masks and Pillow Covers

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