Social media has now become a part of our daily life. Although there are debate about how social media may affect the quality of life, users of different social media have increased over time. The debates concerning social media is repeated when there are continual new trends and technologies.

Design and visual arts are part of the most favorable media shared on social networks. Sharing images and video content indicates higher engagements and exposure compared with text status on Facebook. Social networks that are based on visual arts and design such as P-interest have proven success in the social market. Therefore, we should stop blaming ourselves for using our social media accounts as indulgent and start to look at social media from a different perspective to understand how to form this tool for the benefit for our creativity and fuel our talent.

There are pros and cons of social networking for art and art related works. The pros are source of inspiration , learning and expanding knowledge , learning groups , get feedback and criticism and get us of promotional tools. The cons of using social media are Everyone is designer, reducing creativity, Intellectual Properties issues , loosing sense of Real Life , waste of time , easy access to information ; use social networks as a learning method and privilege the learning features such as groups ; Use social networks as a tool to build a professional profile and promote it through other network

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