It is a well known fact that neuro-divergent Persons require different approaches to maximize their talents and be successful. Therefore, to channelize the talents and skills of Neuro-divergent persons and community at large, it is required to assist the way they are comfortable to perform the task and assignment to achieve such goals.


Team AADICraft shall work in solo as well as in clusters with other like-minded persons, non-government entities, who are dedicated providing a better life for the neuro-divergent people and community at large. While pursuing such objectives and goals Team AADICraft shall also do the needful advocacy and work related to spreading awareness for more societal acceptance of products and services produced by Persons with Special Needs and their Families to attain inclusive environment worldwide. 

The basic mission of the Team AADICraft would be mainly recreational and therapeutic in nature and to get and dissipate skills on arts/artworks and as such getting and offering services by way of training/coaching in recreational & developmental activities relating to arts and culture for the benefit of Persons with Special Needs (PwSN) enable them to live a life with respect and dignity in society.