About Us

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary” Pablo Picasso.

The Expressionist movement started in Germany. These artists wanted to paint about emotion. It could be anger, anxiety, fear, or peacefulness. This wasn't a completely new idea in art. Other artists like Vincent van Gogh had been doing the same thing. However, this was the first time this type of art had been given a name.

Be it painting, kitting, carving, building or carpentry, people who have spent significant time in creating with their hands can value the satisfaction it evokes. Handicraft, as wide a spectrum as it can encompass, is not about the daily chores only. There’s a difference between doing your own home repairs to save money and savoring the experience of precisely renovating your own home.

Being a person with special need he always had a knack and penchant towards painting , coloring , shading , scribbling with pencil something which his parents always used to rebuke and the matter mostly not understandable. It is later in boyhood and after he had attained adulthood with biological age and got a chance to enroll himself in some multimedia course offered by AIMS viz. Ability Enhanced Multimedia Program, which is designed for the people having special needs , his eagerness and interest in drawing and painting increased in addition to his keenness to music which prompted his parents to think something entrepreneurial in terms of own design and imagination.

AADI ( Angelic Artwork Design Ignition ) is a concept and idea by itself which he would like to portray in matters like clothes , fabrics , papers , clay and wherever possible with some ingenuous design concept and adroitness of hand held skills with the assistance of painting brush , colors and other freely available resources available in the world wide web.

As it is also a proven fact that Art is an outlet for self-expression, imagination, and creativity. The visual arts are very much impacting in the improvement of cognition, visual and spatial discrepancies, fine motor skills, and coping. Many people with autism struggle with communication and are often visual thinkers. Art fits naturally with autism in that it can help those with autism express themselves through images while also being a soothing activity. Face to face interactions, such as conversations can be stressful for those with autism, which makes it difficult to understand what the individual is feeling or thinking.

Through this endeavor of individualized and personalized conceptual design , he hopes to build some bridge with society and community at large with the constant encouragement and assistance of his parents , mentors , neighbors and other well wishers and organisations in this field.